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Mu origin private servers, mu online for andrioid, ios, and NOX

Mu origin private servers, based on mu online game for mobile, tables and PC with NOX! Real-Time Mobile MMORPG, fast paced easy leveling, automatic quest system, new character summoner, new events: Cry Wolf Battle, Soul Gem, Dice Hunter, Server Dungeon Cry Wolf ,12 Tier Equipment Update, New Pet - Golden Monkey and Famous Dog, Endless Tower, Bonus System



Became 10 years ago, the source of the genre of 3D fantasy- MU Origin" has kept its classic style in a modern guise! With the help of the graphics engine Unity3D, the distant glorious fantasy world is resurrected! Heroes do not die, they just stop talking! The Universe "MU" is immortal not only in our memory! - Colorful graphics, best game play! - Realistic battles, easy control! - High levels of classes of heroes, high range of view! - Many online players fight for the crown! - Collective battles on cross server, hot "PK" fights between players! - Huge locations, an open world, endless adventures! Version 2.6.9, Regular Events, Freebies in FB page, Active server, Fast support




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