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Website divinitycraft.org
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Type Faction Survival Custom Biomes Races 
Location United Kingdom
Join Date 01 May 2019

DivinityCraft is a one of a kind survival server that has a lot of costumized plugins to give a unique experience to new and older players of this games. Feel like raiding for new stuff? Attack a faction. Crush them and take their valuables. Not feeling bloodthirsty? Build a grinder like the world has never seen before and you will be swimming in gold in no time! Feel like being a ruthless vampire? Or a peaceful dwarf that just likes mining? It is possible because DivinityCraft has its very own races wich all have their own benefits. But keep in mind those benefits don’t come free! and you will often have to get out of sticky situations because your race doesn’t do so well in water. Or theres not enough fresh bloood to drink to get up your hunger bar. Don’t want any of this? Don’t worry! The default race is human and is similar to vanilla. PvP on DivinityCraft is one of the most fun things to do! Because of the many different new weapons Divinity has like the musket, pistol, magic wands cannons and even more! Are you outnumbered by your enemy? Man a cannon and blast them down with your cannon or use a destructive spell to spawn the armies of hell! Feeling sneaky? Use your musket to pick off low armored foes from a distance. Or do you want to ride a horse and use your lance to plow through your enemies? Almost anything you can imagine is possible with the new weapons DivinityCraft has to offer. Log on to the server and type /help or /ifo to learn the details about all our features. Add the server in-game with: divinitycraft.org

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