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Version Season 12 
Type No webshop PVP PVE  
Location United States of America
Join Date 03 Dec 2017
GlobalMu S13Ep1 4Worlds 4000+ Online

Global Mu online biggest private gaming project. 4 Worlds! New sets: Blood Angel, Dark Angel, Holy Angel, Awakening, new tier 2 Arch Angel items. NO webshop, only ingame found items. Offtrade system, available on devias, stay offline while selling you items for Wcoins to other players! New maps: Nixie lake and nixie boss with great loot! Ballanced and exciting PVE system, top maps mobs has a lot of HP and Damage, get 100+ resets to loot there. PVP system balanced on maximum stats: 32767, Weekly castle siege!

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