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Version Season 13 
Type X1000 PVP Play to Win 
Location United States of America
Join Date 24 Jan 2018
MuOnline.US Season 13 Episode 2

Experience Normal: x1000 Master exp: x1000 Max option: +16 Market in website, sell your items to other players! Soul + luck 95%, Without 70% Life: 70% Resets: from 400lvl *2KK zen, Stats burns, Free stats: 500 Grand reset: 5000 Credits New style antihack system! Macro commands are allowed! Max level 920 Spots: All maps 3-5 mobs, Press TAB to see on mini-map. Party exp: Regular party 1-5 members 100% Exp! Set party: 3members: 115% Exp, 4 members: 112% Exp, 5 members: 125% Exp! Jewel rates: Soul +luck: 90%, Without luck:70% Jewel of life: 70%

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16 May

good good !

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03 Feb


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