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Website Realmportalmc.mcnode.net
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Location United States of America
Join Date 07 Jan 2019

We highly recommend use of 1.13.2 you may experience issues connecting with other versions. RealmportalMC Offers a friendly community server where everybody almost knows each other. The main goal of RealmportalMC is to provide a happy, high energy and positive experience for all. =========================================================================================== > Our gameplay consists of: - Creative Plotworld comes with 3 256x256 plots. unlimited worldedit access for all, Custom skulls, ability to generate natural terrain and more. Worldedit currently not working - Slimefun Survival consists of a no grief world that has custom terrain generation (OTG), Shops/Economy and Slimefun - Minigames include, but are not limited to: TNT Run, Potatoes (similar to TNT Tag), Village Defense, Paintball and parkour.Currently Broken - There are also 2 free build worlds (requires build applications and a reasonable reputation) - one world is City themed, the other is for whatever else that doesn't belong in a city. =========================================================================================== > Staff engage and work with the players. I Paintsplatters (the server owner) am also on frequently and try to keep the server well maintained and to fix bugs as soon as i can. > If you have any questions feel free to ask us. The server will be the most active during the daylight and evening hours in North America. =========================================================================================== > Hope to see you there.

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