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Here at MMOGTOP you can find top ranked mu servers. Servers are listed from most pouplar. Each month votes resets and voting starts again! Looking for best mu online private server? Here you can find top ranked mu advertisements. Servers are ranked by votes IN. MuOnline is MMORPG developed in 2001 by company WEBZEN. Game is played with game client, and mostly each server has its unique build client files as there there is a lot regional protocols, English, Korean, Taiwan, Japan etc… Official Webzen server outside of ASIA is build on English protocol and most of the mu online private servers are build on that, but usually each private server are build on custom game client, because of the seasons, latest is season 14.


Season 14 Play to Win MEDIUM EXP PVP 
Blade Mu Season 14 is focused on Play-to-Win concept. PvM challenge guaranteed. PvP balance in the best possible way. Conventional Class discrepancies on PvM/PvP specially Elf and MG fixed. All the best possible farms will be secured in-game and not by coin shop.
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Season 9 LOW EXP 
[SEASON 9 PART 2]Unique Dynamic Exp System,Custom Events and Features Balanced PvP, New Items, New Wings, Unique Vote Reward, No Lag, Launcher Auto-update, Fastest Support. JOIN US NOW!!
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