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Mu Online Private servers

Looking for best mu online private server? Here you can find top ranked mu advertisements. Servers are ranked by votes IN. MuOnline is MMORPG developed in 2001 by company WEBZEN. Game is played with game client, and mostly each server has its unique build client files as there there is a lot regional protocols, English, Korean, Taiwan, Japan etc… Official Webzen server outside of ASIA is build on English protocol and most of the mu online private servers are build on that, but usually each private server are build on custom game client, because of the seasons, latest is season 13.


Season 12 PVP 
Project Midgard Mu, Version: Season 13.3 Opening 2.November Max Level: 400, Max ML: 400, 800 Total level, Experience: 500x Drop Rate: 55%, Simple cash shop, and item upgrade in website! New items bloodangel, darkangel, holyangel! Resets: From 400lvl, stats burns, free stats: 500 points (2kk zen*reset) Reset count unlimited! Grand resets: From 250 res max grand resets: 10, Grand reset bonus Credits: 1000 Grand reset deleted all resets and stats! Spots in all maps.Monsters have been buffed. From tarkan 2/aida, monsters attack power, defense, are slightly increased! Bosses events every hour! Each maps boss spawns every hour! Sockets +exc: Disabled, 380lvl +exc: Enabled






97 PVP 
Psychic Doom MU 97D+99I High Exp Private Server / Credits System / New Sets for all class / Grand Reset System / Market System: On / Webshop: On / Max stats:32767 / Level Reset: 350




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