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Mu origin private servers, mu online for andrioid, ios, and NOX

Mu origin private servers, based on mu online game for mobile, tables and PC with NOX! Real-Time Mobile MMORPG, fast paced easy leveling, automatic quest system, new character summoner, new events: Cry Wolf Battle, Soul Gem, Dice Hunter, Server Dungeon Cry Wolf ,12 Tier Equipment Update, New Pet - Golden Monkey and Famous Dog, Endless Tower, Bonus System
Mu Origin Europe


7.0.0 Server Medium 
-1mil dias, bound dias, gold, boundgold -300 dias per minute spent online [weekend is 1000 dias] -medium exp -adventures every day [on facebook, group or online] -Gift codes every week -new fashion [mount, weapons, costume] Download link:https://taximu.eu/rulles
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7.0.0 PVP FREEBIES Free-Diamonds Gift-Code 
Free gift codes every day! Weekly festival event! New Rebirth System New VIP 15 New Custom Wings New Fashion sets New Accessory items New PET and Fashion Mounts system and Mount Fashion: Fire Dragon, Elf Bird, Jellyfish, Platypus The Savior system Set tier 14 and 15 Free Tier 6 Set and Weapon at start Free Mount Chest at start Free Title at start Free Wings at start Free Costume at start Free Diamonds drop from monsters
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