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Mu origin private servers, mu online for andrioid, ios, and NOX

Mu origin private servers, based on mu online game for mobile, tables and PC with NOX! Real-Time Mobile MMORPG, fast paced easy leveling, automatic quest system, new character summoner, new events: Cry Wolf Battle, Soul Gem, Dice Hunter, Server Dungeon Cry Wolf ,12 Tier Equipment Update, New Pet - Golden Monkey and Famous Dog, Endless Tower, Bonus System


MU RONIN MOBILE V 8.0 FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/Mu-Ronin-Mobile-Game-236004436740…/ *Server 1 Opened December 2018 *New Server 2 Opened February 6, 2019 Download Link: http://www.mu-ronin.com/Downloads/MU-Ronin-8.0.apk Copy link and paste it to chrome browser. Dont just click the link. Starting Item 1 Billion Bound Diamond Epic Set + 9 Epic Weapon +9 Instant Wing +20 available in Unbound shop mall Whole Bunch Of Fashion Wings 5000 unbound Diamonds every 15 minutes Farmable bound diamonds Farmable Collection items Champion Dumplings(Stars honor) on all mobs Mu and O stickers on all mobs R stickers from Elites G stickers from World bosses (Crystal Mine bosses) *Tier 8 mount equips in Collection and Tier 9 mount equips with 5% options in webshop. *Talisman Tier 12 in Collection Fashion Foot Prints (Weekly change of footprints in "Most Popular") 100 Max Level (21 Reborn) First Recharge Attack Set Option:




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